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We offer textbook searches by course information. You will need to know your department, course number, and section number. For example, if you are taking the first semester biology course for majors, you might have the course BIOL 1100-001. Section numbers will always be a three digit number. Campus classes often begin with the number 0, while distance classes often begin with the number 6.

For your campus, just select University Book Exchange (it's the only choice). You can currently search for both Summer 2020 books and Fall 2020 books---the Summer term will not end until July 31. Please make sure you have selected the correct term for your courses. If you are looking for Fall 2020 textbooks, most of our shipments have not yet arrived. We ask for your patience as professors continue to make changes in their orders during these trying times.

For ENGL 1100 classes, if you do not see your section number in the list, you likely have a graduate student for your instructor, and you should select the last section (GRAD) to see or select your books.

Once you have selected your courses:

  • We will always list the new and used purchase options for each book, along with a button indicating that you can purchase or that the new or used option is out of stock.
  • If a RedShelf ebook is available, we will show a drop down box below the new and used purchase items. The drop down will list the available purchase options for the RedShelf ebook. Simple pick the option you want and the item will be added to your cart. We email the ebook code to you when we have processed your order.
  • Below that, we may offer a rental option. Be sure if you are renting for the Fall term, that you choose the option which has a due date of December 2. If you choose the option for August 5, you are renting a book for the summer term rather than the Fall term.

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