Spring 2023 Rental Policy

Thank you for renting your textbooks from UBE. This policy applies only to physical textbooks rented for a full semester. If you rented a RedShelf ebook, this policy will not apply and the RedShelf policy will apply instead. For refunds and exchanges on rentals, please see our refund and exchange policy.

In order to rent:

In order to rent textbooks, you will need a credit card which is valid until the month after the due date, which for this term means that the card must be valid through JUNE 2023. We will record this credit card number as a guarantee for payment in the event that you do not return your rental textbooks. You can still pay for your textbook rentals with cash, bounty bucks, or gift card, unless you are renting online.

Rental return deadline:

All SPRING 2023 rental books are due at the store on or by Monday, May 8.

Rental stickers and rental return reminder emails:

We will attempt to notify you via email that the textbooks rental return deadline is approaching, and we will also attempt to sticker all rented textbooks with the current semester's rental return deadlines. This is not a guarantee and it is your responsibility to return your textbooks to us by the due date. We recommend that you add the email address textbooks@ubeinc.com to your email's approved list (sometimes referred to as a "whitelist").

Failure to return:

If you fail to return rented textbooks by the due date, UBE will charge your credit card on file for the replacement cost (which is generally the new price of the book) less any rental fees you have already paid. The replacement cost is printed on your receipt, except that in the case of three day rentals, UBE will charge you for the used purchase price of the book less the rental fees already paid.

If we elect to accept your textbook rental return after the deadline has passed, a late fee of $1.00 per day will apply. If the book is too damaged for us to accept, UBE will charge you the replacement price of the textbook at the time of rental less any rental fees you have already paid. The date of the charge will be at the discretion of UBE.

If you rent a used textbook and decide to keep it, be sure to let us know that you want to buy it before we charge you for non-return. At our discretion, and before we begin charging for non-return of textbooks, we may allow you to purchase a used rental at the used purchase price (instead of the replacement price) less the used rental price.

Rental returns:

A book in acceptable condition for rental return may have reasonable highlighting and notes in the margin, but will be readable with nothing obscuring the text; the cover and spine of the book must be intact, and may not bear tooth marks or signs of chewing. In the case of loose leaf texts, all pages must be present as well as the front and back cover. We do rent new packages containing access codes, and you may use the access code and return the text alone in that case. Any damage caused by liquid of any kind is grounds for disqualification for return.

In person rental returns:

For in-person rental returns, come to the store with your rental textbooks during regular business hours. Be able to provide your name, phone number, and preferably your account number. You can send a friend with your books instead of coming in person, as long as they have your name, phone number and preferably your account number. Your return is not complete until you have received your receipt from our cashier.

We do not have a drop off box, so be sure to come in during our business hours. We cannot be held responsible for rental returns which are not hand-delivered to a cashier.

Mail in rental returns:

For all rental returns via mail or other shipper, you MUST address your package to

Textbook Rental Returns
University Book Exchange
516 S. Cotanche Street
Greenville, NC  27858

Without this address on the outside of the package, we may not process your return as a rental return, since it will look like a book shipment from one of our suppliers.

Put a full-size sheet of paper inside your package, with your name, phone number, rental account number (if you know it), that the package contains rental returns, and the authors and titles of all books included in the package. Without this information, we cannot identify you as the person returning rentals, and you may not receive credit for the rental return. Book barcodes identify the book, but not the renter.

Rental returns by shipping or mail must arrive by the due date (in other words, a postmark on the due date is not sufficient.

For your own protection, we suggest you ship with a carrier who allows you to use a tracking method. This will enable you to see when your package has arrived at UBE. You are responsible for the costs incurred by shipping rental returns to us, as well as for any books which do not arrive or which do not arrive by the due date. Please use adequate packing materials to prevent damage to books during shipping, and do not tape anything, including packing materials or your identification data, to your books.